OPI finishing options

Each of treatments for hand and feet have 4 different finishing options for you to choose from. Here you can find out the difference between these OPI  finishes.


Gloss Finish


Nails will be either smoothed and buffed to a high shine with a 3 way buffer, or a clear coat of OPI lacquer is applied. Dries almost instantly so you can walk staight out, and no visable chipping to worry about.

Lacquer Finish


An OPI natural nail base coat is followed with 2 coats of chosen OPI lacquer (there's over 100 colours to chose from) then a OPI gloss or matte top coat.

Shine:         7 days

Wear:          5-7 days

Cure:           No

Dry time:    10-15 minutes

Removal:    With nail varnish remover



Infinite Shine


A bit more durable and quicker drying than lacquer plus all the shine of a gel without the prep or soak off hassle. Over 30 colours to chose from


Shine:         Until you take it off

Wear:                         7-10 days

Cure:          in natural day light

Dry time:                         8 minutes

Removal:    With nail varnish remover




The ultimate chip and smudge free finish. Instantly dry allowing you to use your hands immediately, super long lasting, perfect for high days and holidays. Over 100 coulours to chose from

Shine:             14 days

Wear:          14 + days

Dry time:       30 seconds

Cure:            Yes LED

Removal:    Soak off with expert touch remover


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