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With our loyalty scheme It’s easy to treat yourself, Just save up your points and when you have enough we will give you a complimentary “Loyalty Reward Treatment*”. 

The more points you have the greater your Treat will be!
You get 1 point for every £1 you spend on treatments and 1 point for every £1 you spend on products!

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*Terms and conditions apply




What are Loyalty Reward Treatments?
To say thank you for being a loyal to us, we would like to give you a Reward Treatment at the salon. 
Our system will generate a list of all the
Reward Treatments available to you for the points you currently have saved. This list is personal to you and every ones lists will be different. It is made up of  all the treatments you have not tried at our salon yet (with the exception of a couple of things), we want you to indulge in a new experience as a really special treat from us, not just give you money back or  the same treatment you always have.
As an example: If you regularly have a half leg wax every month, this treatment will not be on your reward list but something like a facial a massage a full leg wax, or a half leg and Brazilian wax would be.


I really wanted a dermalogica skin treatment but it is not on my reward list?
If a particular treatment is not on your rewards list it means you either do not currently have enough points for that treatment or you have had this service before. See if an alternative facial might be available like a dermalogica hydrotherm facial or a BDR facial.


Can I exchange my points for money or use them as payment for a treatment or product?
No. Points have no money value to them.  You can not use them to part pay for your treatment or a product.  Points can only be used to Pre-book a treatment from your treatment rewards list and you must have enough points to cover the total points value of the treatment, if you do not have enough points for a particular reward treatment just keep on saving! Do look out for special offers we run which you can exchange your points for a selected product or double points events.

How do I work out how what I can get with my points?
To give you a rough idea what you can exchange your points for: If a treatment costs £15.00 pounds x this by 14 to see how many points you will need. So a £15.00 treatment would be 210 points. Remember you can only pick a treatment if it’s on your rewards list.


How do I book a reward treatment?
A reward treatment must be booked through your therapist in salon or on the phone. They are not currently available to book online. Just book in for your normal monthly service or anything else you’d like to book and we will tag on your Reward Treatment for you free of charge and your points will be deducted at the checkout.  


Why does my Reward Treatment have to tagged on to a paid service?
This is ensure we don't end up with therapists working all day without taking any money.


Terms and Conditions


1.We will give you 1 point for every pound you spend, points can be exchanged for Reward Treatments.

2.To claim your free Reward Treatment it must be booked in with a paid service, we don’t mind what - a brow shape, a sunbed, your normal monthly treatment, but it can not be taken as a stand alone treatment.
3.Treat Card Points are non-exchangeable or refundable and hold no money value.

4.Reward Treatments must be chosen from your personally generated list, you will not be offered a treatment you have had done before.

5.Reward Treatment are subject to availability.

6.Reward Treatments can be gifted, the booking must still be made in your name and you must inform us of who will be attending the appointment. Points can not be gifted in the form of a gift voucher.

7.Cancelation policy for Reward Treatment bookings: If you fail to attend your Reward Treatment appointment you will lose 100% of the value in points. If you cancel or re-arrange with less than 24 hours notice you will lose 50% of the value in points. Points will be deducted automatically.
8.If you have not visited the salon for a period of 2 years or more you points will be deleted and you will have to start again. As long as you stay loyal to us and keep attending the salon regularly your points will never expire.  If you think you will not be able to re-visit the salon within 2 years it would be best to use up any treatment rewards on your reward list.

9. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.

10. We reserve the right to deduct points for failed appointments over £50 where a deposit or card details have not been taken.


How to book

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